The Swipe C will track steps taken, active minutes, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep

  • Steps are tracked using internal hardware to detect movement and the movement is then determined to be a step (or not a step) based on a unique step tracking algorithm.
  • Active minutes is calculated for any activity lasting 30 seconds or more. Any movement lasting less than 30 seconds will not count towards an active minute.
  • Distance traveled is calculated using 3 factors: number of steps taken, speed of those steps, and set stride length.
    (Stride length can be adjusted under the "User Settings" via the 3Plus application menu)
  • Calories are calculated using 4 factors: set weight/height, gender (both visible in user settings), the number of steps recorded, and the speed of those steps
  •  Sleep is tracked using the same hardware used to track movement of the Swipe C. Asleep, restless and awake periods are based on intensity of movement.