1. From the 3Plus home screen, select the menu option on the top-left hand corner. This will generate a side bar with the menu, please select "Pair Device".
  2. When selecting the device you wish to pair, please select "Swipe C".
  3. You are going to be instructed to connect your Swipe C to a charging source. Illustrations on how to charge the band will be provided. You will be asked to verify the four-digit activation code that is displayed on your band.
  4. The prompt to enter the four-digit code will appear on your screen. Once the characters are entered, select "Next". Please verify the code is correct.
  5. The application will begin to make contact with the Swipe C. Please allow the application run through the four connecting stages.
  6. A pairing request will then be prompted to confirm, go ahead and select "Pair".
  7. Once the pairing permissions are confirmed, double tap the screen on your Swipe C.
  8. Lastly, user tutorials will be provided on how to best utilize the band