There are 2 different ways to reset the Vibe.

  1. The first way to reset the Vibe is through the 3Plus Elite APP. Turn on your mobile device and open the 3Plus Elite APP. Head to the drop down menu then open up the settings. In the list of settings, select the “Reset” option. Tap on the check mark to reset the paired Vibe.
  2. The second way to reset the Vibe is on the device itself. Turn on the Vibe and swipe left or right until you see the APPs menu. Tap the screen to enter the APPs section and swipe down until you see the settings line. Tap the settings section and look for the reset option. Tap the reset option and tap the green check mark to reset the Vibe. If you do not want to reset, tap the red X or press the back button on the Vibe