1. Make sure you have a working internet connection.
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on from your smartphone.
  3. Try restarting the APP by force closing it, then reopen it.
  4. In some cases, syncing will start working properly again if you wait 10-30 mins (this may be due to the server communication delay)
  5. If all the items listed above have been attempted and failed:
    1. Reset the device from the Vibe. Go to ‘APPS’ à ‘Settings’ à Reset.
    2. Unpair the device from the 3Plus Elite APP. From the app’s home screen, tap on the device image à ‘Unpair Device’ à tap check mark to confirm.
    3. Go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and make sure to unpair the HR # from your Bluetooth connection list.
    4. Finally, start to pair the device back again from the 3Plus Elite app.